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Plus Size Women Cant Wear Floral, Or Can They


Traditional High fashion designers have shared their fashion tips and advice with

the fashion world for ages. Many of them have restricted certain designs to size

10 and below sidelining the larger woman who desires to rock the latest

fashions. This has attempted to diminish the confidence of plus-sized women

who dare to challenge the status quo. By discouraging the exploration in print

design, designers prove that they are still in the dark ages with regards to what

the plus size woman wants and what she can look good in. Curvy girls are taking

more risks in what they wear and are doing it well.


Let’s throw their so-called esteemed fashion advice out the window! The fact is,

the curvy woman can look good in anything, including floral prints! The print, the

cut, and design of the garment is key when deciding what to wear. The goal is to

highlight your best features and minimize areas of insecurity.

Take a look at our Mishayla romper. This romper is perfect for the plus size

woman who wants to accentuate her legs but minimizes a larger midsection.


Another figure-flattering floral print is our Whitney floral maxi skirt. Maxi skirts

look amazing on the curvy girl. The high waist strategically placed under the bust

line hits the smallest part of the waist. This creates the illusion of an elongated

body, making you appear taller and slimmer.    

Who doesn’t love the kimono trend? Check out the Monika. Our floral print

kimonos with beautiful lace detailing can be layered over a tank top or fitted t-

shirt. Layering with a kimono not only keeps you on trend but also adds

dimension to your personal style. It can also be used to cover larger arms 


Now for the bold and daring diva, check out the Natasha floral pantsuit. This

suit is banging! The print size on this particular outfit is what makes it amazing.

the flowers are not so small that it looks like floral overload and they’re not so big

that it looks weird. This is a great balance and you’ll slay at any summer event in

it! Trust me.

You can see that plus size women look fabulous in floral print and you can too!

Don’t forget to check out our spring floral print collection for your Spring/Summer

18 wardrobe.

Happy shopping plushies!


4 thoughts on “Plus Size Women Cant Wear Floral, Or Can They

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